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We provide system integration and software development in manufacturing, vocational training, data circulation for industrial, financial, telecommunication, education, HR, production and utility services.

5 years of experience

16 partners

Over 30 projects

Our expertise

Software development

Software development, system integration, software to order, digitization solutions in the following fields: industry, telecommunications, financial and banking sectors, HR, professional training, robotics, additive technology.

Lambda-Mu automation platform

А cross-platform core which serves as a base for many technological solutions.  A perfect choice for creating training simulation systems and visual control of microprocessor systems. Can be used for sequencing and object control in VR/XR/AR.

Complemented services

A wide range of related services we do:

  • finishing ongoing projects,
  • creating modules for existing systems,
  • testing and support.

GLOBAL-RC – member of the Interpolymech consortium

Interpolymech is a group of developers and manufacturers of high-tech equipment and software.

We are falling under Consortium's strategy of human activity digitization by developing and launching new solutions in additive engineering and manufacturing, IT, robotics, interactive education, data circulation, human resource and communication.

Why us?

Tailored pricing

We do not overvalue since our prices not based on average per hour cost but on the final result. Instead, we convert our client’s ideas into actual goals vs cost. Together with the client we determine, optimize and evaluate the end goals so the results our client only pays for.

There on time

We follow client’s agreed timetable within the agreed scope of work. We value our reputation and we trust in long-term relationship based on the principles of good diligence.


All our employees have substantial experience in developing information systems for clients in various fields. Quite often we are trusted to do the job that the other software scientists have rejected as being too chalanging for the suggested price.

There is always the way

Reviewing client's idea we start discussing client's business goals to better determine directions and priorities the software must satisfy. We are are not making our client guess those riddles of computing terms we speak language that our client will understand. We believe that only mutual base of communication can bring the best fitted solution neatly integrated into the client's business process.

We are operating at the cutting age of technology

Our team has the following expertise:

Programming languages ​​and development environment:
Java, JavaScript, Lua, C ++, C #, PHP, SQL, Python and several others

Software and hardware of the leading companies in the world and opensource communities.

We have our own software platform Lambda-Mu

We do the programming for all major operation systems (including, but not limited to)

  • Windows, Linux; Android, iOS,  and thin clients of all Operating Systems

Technological solutions:

  • Scale of solutions: from embedded software to distributed service-oriented solutions
  • ESB: Oracle, Microsoft, WSO2, Jboss
  • DBMS: Oracle, Postgresql, MySQL
  • AS: Oracle, Microsoft, Jboss, WSO2, Node.js
  • 3D / VR / AR: Godot, Unreal Engine, Unity
  • Many other related technologies.