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Alex Gultsev

General director / Founder

“If you don’t like what you’re doing, you’re doing it wrong.”

We like what we do

Software development is not just a job or a profession. This is a hobby for each of our developers. We do our work with pleasure, fully devoting ourselves to the implemented projects.

As well as our competencies are in step with the technological trends over the course of our work we have created a range of products that are constantly developing.

Imitation modelling

Cross-platform core is the basis for technological solutions:
embedded platform to control microcontrollers LM-robo and LM-edu training and simulation system.

Programming of controllers

The LM-robo system, based on the cross-platform Lambda-Mu core, is able to give an untrained person the skills to create a difficult hardware complex controlled by microcontrollers in a short time.

Interactive solutions

Complex of 3D-interactive solutions for the web, the range of applications is not limited Content for training courses, solutions for virtual and augmented reality, ideas for the gaming industry and much more.

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