Software for business and education

Complex of services on development, implementation and maintenance of software for service, production, financial, telecommunication and educational organizations

Software development

Development of software integration solutions, custom software and technical solutions in the following areas:

  • telecommunications
  • financial and banking sector
  • high-tech systems for education
  • robotics
  • additive manufacturing

Technological platform Lambda-Mu

Идеальное решение для создания образовательных имитационных комплексов и визуального программирования микропроцессорных систем.

Associated services

A wide range of related services: completion of current projects, creation of modules for existing systems, testing and maintenance.

Transform your ideas
into a working mechanism

Any software should work continuously to reduce costs and bring profit to its owner.
And we will help you with this.

We will solve your problems

Any information system is a complex structure designed to solve certain tasks. The customer, when applying for the development of a software solution, is ready to speak not in the language of  technical specification, which programmers love so much, but in the language of the problems of their own business.

We will speak to you in your language. So be sure – we will understand you and offer the best solution for you and your business!

On the market

Innovative technologies in the hands of professionals

Our team has the following competencies:

Programming languages and development environment:
Java, JavaScript, LUA, Objective-C, C++, C#, PHP, SQL, Python

For realization of all above-mentioned we use the software of the leading world companies:

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco, Junipeer,Avaya,…
  • Some other the companies with replicated software
  • Own Lambda-Mu platform

When developing we solve the problem on (including, but not limited)

  • ОС: Windows, Linux; 
  • Technological solutions
  • ESB: Oracle, Microsoft, WSO2, Jboss, …
  • DBMS: Oracle, Postgresql, MySQL
  • AS: Oracle, Microsoft, Jboss, WSO2…
  • Many other related technologies: LDAP, SSO, Web-services etc.


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