Company profile

We are the team of software hardware scientists providing design and delivery of cross platform applications, hardware control software, XR interactive, universal software hardware solutions covering the entire client's production and service activities. In four years we have established a good stand with our clients for transparency in business, timely commissioning and carefully tailored solutions. Together with our client we process initial ideas to realize them in the most feasible, cost effective way to meet the goals pursued.


We work in the latest development environments useing optimal frontend and backend.


Development is based on the Agile methodology, which significantly saves resources and improves performance.


We always work in close contact with our client to make sure all our operations are transparent and we are compensated strictly for the result of the project desired.

Our work is our passion

For each developer within our team, the designing and coding is the life passion.
We are truly enthusiastic for our work, fully devoted to the research for the best solution.

Keeping up with technological trends, we have created number of products that we continue to upgrade and support.

Our products

3D Web Interactive

A set of 3D-interactive web solutions for various applications with unlimited features and forms. Content for training courses, solutions for virtual and augmented reality, ideas for the gaming industry and much more.

Controller programming

The LM-robo system based on the Lambda-Mu cross-platform core provides visual environment coupled with controler programming capabilities that allow a non professional to create an automation and robotic systems.

Universal platform

Lambda-Mu is a cross-platform core which serves as the base for many technological solutions such as LM-Robo an embedding platform for control of micro-controllers in robotic and automation. Thanks to its unique versatility the same platform can also be used for sequencing and object control in VR, XR, AR. This feature has launched an education dedicated platform named LM-Edu which allows non professionals create vocational interactive 3D, VR, XR course or presentation.

Complemented services


Software technical support is essential to ensure that the software package works flawlessly.


We take any unfinished project which for some reason has not been completed or got stuck to the commissioning and support.


Our testing department renders testing services for any third party software as we consider it is vital for anyone in the world to use sound and safe apps.

Tailored design for business

Our experts have vast experience in developing software solutions for corporate sector:

• corporate systems of any size,
• Web to app automation, Web stores, corporate portals,
• Mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Research and Development

With the support of the Innovation Promotion Fund, our company conducts R&D “Development of a multi-user software product for the professional training and retraining of various specialists on the basis of the Lambda-Mu VR / AR (XR) platform.”

The purpose of R&D is to create 3rd generation of Lambda-Mu platform, which will feature the following:

  • Gathering users in one virtual training environment, with the possibility of using a geographically distributed architecture in dedicated, shared or mixed server business logic.
  • Visual development in the business logic of training courses with visualization of debugging processes without long-term elaboration on all 3D content in a heterogeneous environment for executing business logic and delivering VR content.
  • Combining heterogeneous visualization tools in 2D, 3D, VR into one workspace for PC, smartphones, stand-alone VR kits.
  • Using inexpensive yet, good quality stand-alone VR kits, that are going to be introduced to market in the near future, should make our platform even more cost efficient.

Licenses and certificates

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