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About company

Our company works only the fourth year, but we assembled a wonderful team with extensive experience
in development of software solutions at various levels.


We work in modern development environments and use the optimal frontend and backend.


Development is conducted on Agile methodology that considerably saves resources and increases productivity.


We work for result: our task – to solve the customer’s problem. Therefore, we are not going to take you for everything you had. 

Company profile

Our main value – people, experience and competences


Are capable to solve complex business problems associated with the development of software solutions.


A wide range of ready-to-use and promising products based on Lambda-Mu cross-platform core.


Services in the field of support and improvement of existing business-level software.

We are developers of software for business

Platform solutions

  • Extensive experience in developing enterprise-level solutions
  • OS: Windows, Linux
  • Oracle, Microsoft, WSO2, Jboss
  • Accounting and transactional systems, imitation modelling


  • Creation and promotion of websites
  • Corporate portals
  • Support for existing solutions
  • Revision of current and" abandoned " web projects
  • Complex testing

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  • 7 (499) 938-50-75

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